Software Career:

"Shoot for the sky with Intel Debug, Development, Apps, Graphics, GUIs; Welcome to your next five software careers".

The secret is out Intel is not just a chip company there is more inside to it. Intel is starting up a culture to provide an open environment to explore the best out the technology around and work in the most challenging software developments globally. But there is more inside to it; Intel India gives you the freedom and space to build completely new software's, write codes, test and match make with your chosen hardware. It gives you the opportunity to work with the legends of software, creating, learning, thinking….like them. If you are looking for a workplace that will bring out the best in you, WE are in pursuit of high-tech engineers, looking to be challenged to reach new heights; it will provide you a role that challenges. Roles which will make you feel incredible in your own ways. Are you Passionate about making the best of yourself?? Explore the site.

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S.No. Date Position Location
1 30 Jul Software Technical Manager Bengaluru/Bangalore
2 30 Jul Synthesis/timing Closure Expert Bengaluru/Bangalore
3 30 Jul Verificatoin Lead Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
4 30 Jul Senior Software/ Paltform Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
5 30 Jul Senior Validation Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
6 30 Jul Senior Windows Driver Developer Bengaluru/Bangalore
7 30 Jul SoC Architecture/ Design Researcher Bengaluru/Bangalore
8 30 Jul SOC Digital Design Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
9 30 Jul SOC Verification Lead Bengaluru/Bangalore
10 30 Jul Software Development Manager Bengaluru/Bangalore
11 30 Jul Software Engineer Delhi
12 30 Jul Software QA Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
13 30 Jul FPGA Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
14 30 Jul Graphics Hardware Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
15 30 Jul Head Ecosystem Development Bengaluru/Bangalore
16 30 Jul Intel Contract Employee- Graphics Hardware Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
17 30 Jul IT Application Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
18 30 Jul PERC lead Developer Bengaluru/Bangalore
19 30 Jul Platform Architect Bengaluru/Bangalore
20 30 Jul SDET Bengaluru/Bangalore
21 30 Jul Senior Engineer- LTE Phy(firmware) Bengaluru/Bangalore
22 30 Jul Analog Layout Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
23 30 Jul Application Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
24 30 Jul Associate Software Development Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
25 30 Jul BI Capability Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
26 30 Jul Foundstone Senior Application Security Consultant Bengaluru/Bangalore
27 28 Jul Support Account Manager Delhi
28 28 Jul Support Account Manager Mumbai
29 28 Jul Database Administrator Bengaluru/Bangalore
30 28 Jul Web Analyst Bengaluru/Bangalore
31 24 Jul Technology Analyst, Strategic Planning Bengaluru/Bangalore
32 24 Jul Test Automation Analyst Bengaluru/Bangalore
33 24 Jul Sr Software Dev Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
34 24 Jul Sr Software QA Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
35 24 Jul Sr Tech Lead, SDET Bengaluru/Bangalore
36 24 Jul Sr. Program Manager Bengaluru/Bangalore
37 24 Jul Sr Software Development Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
38 24 Jul Sr Technical Specialist Bengaluru/Bangalore
39 24 Jul SW Development Eng 3 Bengaluru/Bangalore
40 24 Jul SMG Finance Analyst Bengaluru/Bangalore
41 24 Jul Software Architect II Bengaluru/Bangalore
42 24 Jul Software Development Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
43 24 Jul South Asia Senior Finance Manager Bengaluru/Bangalore
44 24 Jul SQL Application Developer Bengaluru/Bangalore
45 24 Jul Marketing Manager Delhi
46 24 Jul Product Manager Bengaluru/Bangalore
47 24 Jul QA Lead Bengaluru/Bangalore
48 24 Jul Research Scientist 1 Bengaluru/Bangalore
49 24 Jul Rfdriver Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore
50 24 Jul Silicon Architecture Engineer Bengaluru/Bangalore