S.No. Date Position Location
1 01 Sep ASM Guwahati Guwahati
2 01 Sep Service Training Content Body & Paint Delhi, Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region)
3 01 Sep ASM Bangalore Bengaluru/Bangalore
4 01 Sep ASM Lucknow Lucknow
5 19 Aug ASM Ranchi Ranchi
6 14 Aug Sales Training & SSI Delhi, Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region)
7 14 Aug ASM Delhi Delhi, Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region)
8 14 Aug ASM Chandigarh Chandigarh
9 14 Aug APSM Lucknow Lucknow
10 14 Aug APSM Pune Pune
11 12 Aug APSM Bangalore Bengaluru/Bangalore
12 11 Aug ASM Chennai Chennai
13 19 Aug Sales Training & SSI Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region)
14 19 Aug ASM Delhi Delhi/NCR(National Capital Region)
15 19 Aug APSM Pune Pune
16 10 Aug ASM Chandigarh Chandigarh
17 15 Jul RSO Ranchi Ranchi
18 15 Jul ASM Bangalore Bengaluru/Bangalore
19 04 Jul Hiring Senior Specialist Chennai
It has come to our notice that some fraudulent agencies/imposters/ external agencies asking gullible candidates through mails/correspondence to deposit money in exchange for recruitment service/employment in Hyundai Motor India.

Please be warned that these are fake persons/ agencies, engaged in fraudulent activities. Hyundai Motor India does not deal nor adopt these practices nor collect any money for employment.

Person receiving such mails/correspondence are requested to lodge complaint with the local police authorities and also bring it to the notice of Hyundai Motor India

You can also write to or contact the recruitment team Navin Joseph / Kirubhakaran K / Ramesh Babu or Suresh Kumar G @ 044-4710-5101 / 5117 / 5832 / 5892.
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